For 2020 Fitness founder, SealFit experience shows how much unmet potential we all have

Yes, it was uncomfortable. Yes, he got through it.

By Jon Rowley

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – You’re right” Henry Ford

I’m soaking wet, covered in mud, wearing pants and boots, and there is a Navy Seal spraying water in my face while yelling at me. At this point I’d already done hundreds of push ups, run 10 miles, completed a five-hour ruck, and knocked out hundreds of burpees. And I’m realizing, minute by minute, that my physical and mental limits are far greater than what I’d ever imagined.

The SealFit experience put participants through the rigors of elite military training.

This past April, I attended a 12-hour simulation of “Hell Week” put on by a program called SealFit in San Diego. “Hell Week” is a way the Navy Seals separate the pack, finding not only the most physically dominant individuals, but also those who can be the most clear-headed under duress.

Our experience that day lasted 12 hours, and the objective was to physically break us down, teach us to function as a team, and otherwise just push us to the brink to show us first hand that we are more capable as a person than we ever thought.

You are, too.

I may be an eternal optimist, but I believe that everyone can accomplish amazing things, particularly due to the fact that I’ve seen it happen time and time again here at 2020 Fitness.

The key is practice. It comes down to the daily willingness to practice doing hard things so when you are faced with stress or difficulty, you’ve been there and can respond accordingly.

The SealFit experience was an extreme example of what is possible, but it can be as simple as taking control of your physical fitness.

If you’ve seen photos of what we do at 2020 and you’ve told yourself, “I could never do that,” you’re wrong. So wrong.

At SealFit we saw this happen throughout the day as guys started to fall off, and it was purely mental. They said to themselves, “I can’t do that.” And guess what? They were right.

How you can push past your perceived limits

Just a few more seconds…

Henry Ford has a quote I’ve loved for years: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” The biggest obstacle many of us face is not the outside world, but ourselves and the limiting beliefs we’ve inherited. You are capable, you can do it – it just starts with you believing in yourself.

The second step is to surround yourself with people who know what is possible, have pushed to their perceived limits and will help encourage you to do the same.

Not only can you do it, you’ll do it well. We’ll guarantee it. Give us the chance to show you.

If you’d like to hear more about the SealFit experience you can read my blog post here or listen as I hash it out on our podcast in Episode 53.

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