DubDog Designs dog collar company adding storefront in June, plus philanthropy efforts for animal shelters

DubDog Designs
Linda Brown, owner of DubDog Designs

Linda Brown, animal lover and owner of Mission-based dog collar company DubDog Designs, is expanding to a storefront and planning to start making donations for animal shelters and rescue missions.

Brown’s business has expanded so quickly over the past 10 years of operation that it has outgrown its production house on Woodson Road.

“I’m very blessed; that’s what I tell everybody,” she said, thanking her staff, including Rebecca Savage and Sonja Bolte. “There’s a lot of people along the way that have helped me get to this place.”

DubDog Designs 2, 5460 Martway St., Mission

Her new space at 5460 Martway St. opens June 1 and includes a storefront for dog lovers to come in, see their sewing workspaces and purchase products from their limited selection.

The selection is limited because Brown wants customers to enjoy the process of selecting materials to make their own custom collars for their canines. Even the business website shows a limited selection of fabrics ( about 50 designs); Brown said she probably has more than 200 fabrics in her new store.

Each dog collar is made with 100 percent cotton fabric, interfacing that gives body to the collar, nylon webbing and molded plastic hardware. DubDog sells collars, leashes, bowties and blooms (bandanas are coming soon).

DubDog Designs
The DubDog Designs team (from left): Linda Brown, Rebecca Savage and Sonja Bolte. Photo courtesy of DubDog Designs

DubDog Designs is a wholesaler for about 60 stores nationwide. In northeast Johnson County, customers can find DubDog Designs collars at several local stores, including Three Dog Bakery in Leawood, Land of Paws in Prairie Village, Woof’s Play & Stay in both Merriam and Leawood, Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission.

Brown also cited DubDog’s partnership with Charlie Hustle for the past four years as another huge benefit for her company.

DubDog occasionally donates to and fundraises for animal-supporting organizations. Brown’s goal is to really expand that by adopting a “giving back” philosophy and a “buy one, give one” model similar to Toms Shoes.

“I’m kind of moving in that direction with the storefront,” she said, adding that she plans to host fundraising events at the store and allow customers to bring in old collars so they can use the materials to make new ones.

She also wants to create “DubDog to the Rescue” where a portion of proceeds from collar purchases would benefit local animal shelters and rescue missions.

“My point right now is just to start getting to a place where I’m giving more back because I love animals, whatever I can do to help support the shelters, those kinds of things,” Brown said. “I’ll take what I have to live on. I don’t have to be a millionaire. I’d rather donate more.”

Brown and her staff are already sewing out of the new space. And once the retail store opens in June 1, tentative retail hours of operation will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.