Movie theatre nixed in updated plans for former Sears site on Metcalf

A rendering of the latest plans for the former Sears site on Metcalf in Overland Park.

A revised plan for the property at 97th and Metcalf that houses the vacant Sears building eliminates a movie theatre that was part of the original filing and calls for the Sears building to be repurposed instead of demolished.

Seritage Growth Properties, the company working on redeveloping vacant former Sears properties across the country, submitted the revised plans with the Overland Park planning office earlier this month.

In the original plan, the Sears building would have been razed to make way for a 39,000 square foot movie theatre and a 12,000 square foot building to house a fitness center. In the new plans, those features are gone, and the 80,000 square foot Sears building will be reserved for an anchor retail tenant. The Sears building would have an addition put on to house a fitness center. Renderings attached to the proposal show the Sears building getting a major reskinning.

Additionally, a previously planned strip of retail buildings along the southern edge of the site has been reconfigured so that portion of the site would have a gas station and an 18,000 square foot building labeled “Retail/Market” on the new site plan.

Here’s a look at the original plan layout:

And here’s the updated plan filed with the city April 11:

The plan is currently scheduled to go before the Overland Park planning commission for consideration May 13 — but Seritage’s rezoning application has been continued four times since December. The original plan had raised concerns among city staff due to the height of the multi-family housing structure on the east edge of the property, which abuts single family housing.