Lenexa Mayor Michael Boehm will seek fifth term in office

Michael Boehm
Lenexa Mayor Michael Boehm at the 2019 State of the City address.

Michael Boehm is seeking a fifth term as mayor of Lenexa.

Boehm was first appointed to the mayorship in 2003 to complete the term of his predecessor, Mayor Joan Bowman, who stepped down due to health reasons. Boehm ran unopposed later that year and was elected to the position, which he has maintained ever since. Before that, he previously served on the council and planning commission.

By the end of his fourth term this year, Boehm will have completed 17 years of service as mayor. He said he’s running again because the city has “got some unfinished business” for which he would like to stay involved:

  • He wants to help with the transition as outgoing City Administrator Eric Wade steps into his advisory role to guide his successor, whose job comes with the title change. (The city council will announce the new city manager tonight)
  • City staff is in the process of developing Vision 2040, in which residents told the city to “stay the course” and maintain momentum on current projects.
  • The city is researching future planning opportunities, such as for Old Town, the senior center, a complete streets transportation infrastructure, the aquatics center and public safety facilities.

“Most communities would die to have these quote-unquote challenges, because there’s so many opportunities to do good things and impactful things, but the prioritization will take time,” Boehm said.

Overseen boom in City Center

The Lenexa Farmers Market at City Center sits near the new Recreation Center and City Hall.

During Boehm’s time as mayor, the city has pushed through some major visioning projects, including the development of City Center.

“The vision wasn’t about buildings; it was about connecting community and a place to gather,” he said of City Center. “And now, the diversity of Lenexa shines in that public market, whether it’s age, ethnicity, race, gender, we have everybody coming to that place, around food and shopping and then concerts and art shows and the rec center.”

Other major city accomplishments include new recreation opportunities west of I-435 with the creation of Mize Lake and Lake Lenexa as part of Vision 2030; plus stormwater and public infrastructure projects.

He hopes to continue this momentum with another four-year term in the mayorship.

“Of course, things change all the time; we’re not afraid of change in Lenexa,” he said.

“I stand on the shoulders of a group of citizens that support us and have given us that longevity in office so we can plan long-term as opposed to one election cycle or every two years,” he said. “The staff is just beyond belief when it comes to their dedication and commitment to providing services. And the governing body gets along.”

A lifelong resident of Lenexa, Boehm grew up in unincorporated Johnson County before the family farm became part of the city. He is senior vice president at Commerce Bank and has a business degree from the University of Kansas.