Updates from Johnson County Community College: Earth Days 2019

Just one year separates the first class of Johnson County Community College Cavaliers and the inaugural Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, 1970. Nearly 50 years later, Earth Day has evolved into a globally recognized holiday, and JCCC has worked diligently to integrate sustainability into its curriculum and daily operations.

In honor of Earth Day, JCCC’s Center for Sustainability is hosting a series of events from April 19 to 27. Kristy Howell, Sustainability Education and Engagement Coordinator encourages everyone to get involved.

“Earth Days is a great opportunity to reconnect with our campus community,” says Howell. “Whether you volunteer on the campus farm, stop by for the Recycling Extravaganza, or join us for film night, we welcome you to pay us a visit and join in on the work we can all do to make the world a better place.”

Students, community members, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend the following activities, which are free and open to the public:

Earth Days Film Night

On April 19, attend a free screening of Les Contes de la Nuit (Tales of the Night). This critically acclaimed silhouette animation film features six tales of heroism and love as seen through the eyes of two kids and a projection technician. This movie will whisk you away to Medieval Europe, Tibet, the Land of the Dead, the African plains and more. Howell will lead a post-movie discussion on the ways storytelling can serve as a powerful tool for preserving our relationship with the natural world.

Farm Workday and Lunch

Get the full farm-to-table experience! On April 22 from 1 to 4 p.m., volunteers are invited to harvest greens, radishes and peas from our Open Petal Farm. On April 23, the harvested produce will be prepared and served for lunch in the Food Court pop up area, located in COM.

RSVP to sustainability@jccc.edu to participate in the Farm Workday.


Treat yourself to the following fun and games at EarthFest on April 24:

    • People-powered snacks: Go for a ride on JCCC’s bike blender for a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie.
    • Clothing swap: Bring clean clothes – that are in good condition – to OCB 157C. For every item swapped in, you will receive a ticket to swap out the equivalent number of items at EarthFest. No time to clean out your closet? You can purchase items at the swap for $1.
    • Recycling rodeo: Race your way through a recycling sorting challenge.

Waste Audit

On April 25, help sort through campus recycling to identify contamination and learn about single-stream recycling from JCCC sustainability interns.

Recycle Extravaganza

Have that Marie Kondo mindset? JCCC is hosting the Overland Park Spring 2019 Recycle Extravaganza on April 27 and invites you to bring your recyclable items to campus. This event is open to everyone – residents and nonresidents. Check out the full list of accepted items.

Learn more about JCCC Sustainability!

JCCC’s commitment to the environmental conservancy movement extends beyond these activities. The College dedicates time and resources year-round to a variety of initiatives that support sustainability, including energy efficiency, composting and recycling. Learn more.