Mission resident Trent Boultinghouse seeks Ward 1 seat on council

Trent Boultinghouse
Trent Boultinghouse. Photo courtesy of Trent Boultinghouse

Mission resident Trent Boultinghouse has announced his candidacy for a Ward 1 seat on the council.

The seat is occupied by incumbent Pat Quinn, who began serving on the council in April 2012. Quinn said he plans to file for re-election.

A Kansas native, Boultinghouse has been living in Mission for the past four years. In his first time running for office, he hopes to focus on resources that would encourage renters to make Mission a more permanent home.

“We need council members who ensure our government works toward progress, tolerance, and sustainability,” Boultinghouse said. “I will work to give all residents of Ward 1 – from the empty nesters to the young professionals – a seat at the table.”

He said he wants to continue the momentum he’s seen on the council, especially in light of recent decisions such as adopting a non-discrimination ordinance for the LGBTQ community as well as participating in KCP&L’s clean energy initiative.

“In general, I would like to support those efforts, provided that they make sense for our town,” he said.

As a data analyst at Epiq Global Inc. in Kansas City, Kansas, Boultinghouse said he focuses on data-driven strategic planning.

“What we do is try to create narratives and strategic decisions based on what data is showing, so a lot of it is pulling together a bunch of disparate points to create one cohesive narrative,” he said. “I think government, in general, is a lot of that, and I think too often, people would really get a lot more out of their government if they could see how everything is connected. I have a lot of experience on consolidating all of these different things into a digestible format so that people would be able to understand how their government works for them, how their money is being put to use.”

As a previous renter in the city, he found that certain parts of Mission lack dedicated space for pedestrians and cyclists. He has seen people walk on the streets. If elected, he plans to push for more sidewalk infrastructure and bike lanes, especially in his ward.

While he says he is a supporter of economic development, Boultinghouse intends to advocate for his neighbors’ needs.

“I really would like to take input from any constituents and any neighbors who I’d be representing, and I just want to make sure that any kind of development that Mission does bring in honors the wishes of what my fellow neighbors are looking for,” he said. “I don’t want to be looking for giant, big box stores to come in that are contentious and potentially are violating what my constituents would want.”

The Mission Gateway comes to the forefront of his concerns. While he feels cautiously optimistic, he wants to continue “the mom and pop feel of our community while still bringing in businesses that are helpful for folks in our town.”

Boultinghouse is an alumnus of the University of Kansas. A speaker of Spanish and Portuguese, he worked at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and has a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of São Paulo in Brazil. He lives in Ward 1 with his wife, Helen Mubarak Boultinghouse.