Police called to investigate after social media interactions involving SM North students raised concerns

Shawnee Mission North principal Jeremy Higgins sent a message to parents Wednesday alerting them that administrators had engaged police after being made aware of a series of concerning social media interactions involving students.

Though the message did not provide specifics about what had occurred, Higgins said that “We take every ‘threat’ to a student, staff member or the building seriously, including those made casually or in jest.”

“This would be a good time to remind your child that, in today’s world, it is never okay to joke about violence or the threat of violence,” Higgins wrote.

Shawnee Mission Chief Communications Officer David Smith said both district and Overland Park police had been engaged to investigate the incident. Smith said that the investigation was related to “a conflict between two groups of students on social media.” In the message to parents, Higgins said the social media interactions involved “a few students here at North, along with other young people not associated with our school.”

Higgins wrote to parents that there was “no indication of any direct threat to the school.”