Roeland Park citizen satisfaction has trended upward over past decade, new results show

Roeland Park residents are very happy overall with their city and its services, according to a recent citizen satisfaction survey, with 97% of respondents rating Roeland Park as an excellent or good place to live. Satisfaction with Roeland Park services rated at the same level or higher than 51 of the 59 KC Metro areas assessed. Overall satisfaction with Roeland Park increased 1.8 points since 2016 and 7.2 points since 2008.

“Roeland Park received excellent ratings,” said Ryan Murray, project manager at the ETC Institute, the group that performed the survey.

Citizen Satisfaction Surveys were sent to every household in Roeland Park and more than 600 surveys were completed.

Other notable findings included:

  • 88% rated Roeland Park as an excellent or good place to raise children
  • 91% reported feeling safe in the city
  • 90% rated the quality of life in Roeland Park as good or excellent

Residents also weighed in on the government’s ability to regulate design aesthetics in new builds and significantly remodeled homes, with 60% reporting they were supportive or very supportive of the city government’s increased authority.

However, more than half (56%) did not think design elements should experience restrictions beyond those currently in place.

Height and size of homes, setbacks, and percentage of lots covered were identified as design aesthetics residents felt were most important.

Residents ranked the appearance and maintenance of city parks with the highest levels of satisfaction while quality of the Roeland Park Aquatics Center, number of walking and biking trails, and quality of the Community Center received the lowest satisfaction rankings.

Development and employers were also noted as areas for improvement. Less than half of residents (48%) reported Roeland Park as a good place to work, compared to 61% of respondents in the KC Metro and 53% of the U.S. Average. And 46% reported a positive perception of how well the city was managing development activity, slightly lower than the national average (47%) and the KC Metro (51%).

City administrator Keith Moody said he thought the low ratings related to Roeland Park being a good place to work could be attributed to the lack of Roeland Park employers, outside of retailers.