Ray Marsh fifth-grader rocks out at lemonade stand fundraisers for sick children in need

Bo Macan, left, and his friend Collier Cash Rule who raised funds for him at a lemonade stand last year. Photo courtesy of Carolyn Macan

Collier Cash Rule wants to be a rockstar. After all, he’s been playing guitar since he was 7 year old. In the meantime, he’s on a mission to use his talents to raise money for sick children in need.

Last October, the fifth-grader at Ray Marsh Elementary rocked out at a lemonade stand and raised about $20,000 for his friend Bo Macan, who has a lot of health problems that often keep him from going to school and playing outside. Rule had the lemonade stand concert for Macan on the front steps of city hall.

“I think that it’s not very easy, even to be a kid, when you’re in the hospital and you can’t go outside or you have to miss school or you’re connected to a bunch of tubes,” Rule said. “That probably makes that person sad.”

Macan, who is 9, has a rare genetic condition nicknamed by a doctor at the National Institutes of Health as “Bo Syndrome.” His condition includes Type I diabetes, chronic diarrhea, growth hormone deficiency, thyroid problems, seizures and chronic lung disease.

“He’s the only kid in the world who has it, which is why it’s really hard to find any kind of support,” said Carolyn Macan, his mother.

Rocking out with the Foo Fighters

Collier Cash Rule rocked out with Dave Grohl, frontman for the Foo Fighters, at their concert in October 2018. Photo courtesy of Jen Rule

The lemonade stand at Shawnee City Hall took place just after Rule had been pulled on stage at the Sprint Center to play with the Foo Fighters earlier that month.

“I thought it wasn’t real,” Rule said. “I was like, ‘is this happening?’ I just look back like I’ll never forget that.”

Carolyn Macan said Rule used his limelight to raise funds for her son. Hopefully, it draws attention from a doctor who might recognize her son’s condition and be able to help. Carolyn Macan has also been lifelong friends with Jen Rule, Collier’s mother.

“When you have people that have been through life’s journey with you, they have a really important place in your life,” Jen Rule said. “And certainly, mom to mom, when you watch people you care about that much have to go through struggles that they just should not have to go through, there is no acceptable logic behind that.”

Rule had his first lemonade stand at age 7, when he raised funds for Tina Regier, a Shawnee Mission teacher and friend of the family whose son was battling leukemia. There wasn’t any rock concert, but Rule and his family were able to raise enough to cover utilities and life expenses for a few months for the Regier family.

Rule most recently performed at his third lemonade stand, outside of the Sprint Center before a Metallica concert in March, when he raised more than $5,000 for KU Pediatrics.

“Collier was really excited to be able to do it to help a lot more kids than just Bo and bring some awareness to the pediatric unit,” said Jen Rule.

Rule plans to host more lemonade stands, not just to help sick children’s expenses but also to raise funds for research to find cures and treatments.

“I know that if I keep doing this, it’s not going to help every kid in the world, but at least it’s helping some people,” he said. “I think that every kid should have the opportunity to do what they want and not just be in the hospital, so that’s why I want to keep doing them.”

Rule will hit the stage again at Variety KC’s 85th anniversary celebration, Variety Show 2019, on April 5.