Merriam creates operations supervisor position for facilities in preparation for opening of community center

The Merriam City Council voted unanimously to create a new position within the city’s Public Works department during Monday’s city council meeting.

The newly created position is for a Facility Operations Supervisor who will oversee citywide building maintenance.

“Recognizing that staffing levels will drastically change with the new community center, it is important to maintain efficient operations,” Parks & Recreation Director Anna Slocum told the council. “The maintenance needs of the new community center will be considerably different from that of the existing facility.”

The vacant facility maintenance position was part of the Parks & Recreation Department. The Facility Operations Supervisor position will become part of the Public Works department.

“The concept of combining into one workforce and one department would provide for efficiency of labor and resources,” Slocum said. “This creates the structure for building a team, which we all know we are known for here in Merriam with ‘Team Merriam’ on a lot of our vehicles throughout town.”

The new position will hold a supervisory role over the city’s facility maintenance staff, landscape technicians, and contract laborers; while allowing Parks & Recreation staff to focus their efforts on programming.

Ward 4 councilman David Neal called the new position an “upgrade” from the current Facility Maintenance II, which staff said is currently vacant.

Slocum says the goal is to fill the new position by the end of the summer, which she says will allow the new person to familiarize themselves with the city’s existing facilities and systems before new systems are installed in the new community center.

“The supervisor can assist with the creation of maintenance and equipment replacement plans to help maximize their life expectancies,” Slocum said in a memo to the council.

The salary range for the new position will be $49,431 – $74,146 plus benefits.