Prairie Village, Mission sign on to KCP&L program that could provide clean wind energy for city needs

KCP&L is hoping to build a new wind farm to provide area customers with a source of renewable energy. Photo credit fionaandneil. Used under a Creative Commons license.

A group of northeast Johnson County area cities are hoping to play a driving role in the development of a new wind farm proposed by KCP&L — but the initiative will need much broader support to become a reality.

Prairie Village became the first municipality in Johnson County on Monday to sign on to KCP&L’s Renewables Direct program, which would provide customers with the opportunity to get the bulk of their electricity needs delivered through an emissions-free source. KCP&L’s Renewable Energy Manager Drew Robinson told the council this week that the utility was looking to find enough electricity customers to subscribe to the agreement to total between 100 and 200 megawatts of monthly demand. That’s the level needed to make the development of a new wind farm financially viable he said.