Updates from Johnson County Community College: The Career Development Center

Career Development Center

Self-discovery and transformation are core to the college experience, and ultimately guide students toward career decisions. That’s why Johnson County Community College’s Career Development Center is poised to provide students with advice and resources at every step of their journey.

From the beginning, the Career Development Center is available to help students:

  • Gain self-knowledge: Learning more about yourself helps you make better career decisions. Students can glean valuable personal insights through an online career assessment, FOCUS 2, and the Choices workshop where they find out about the career decision-making process and take several assessments to learn about their interests, personality and values. They can also participate in the “Discover Your Strengths” workshop to learn their top five strengths.
  • Investigate majors and careers: Our career professionals can help students discover potential jobs related to various programs at JCCC. For students seeking real-world experience, we recommend participating in experiential learning opportunities, including informational interviews, job shadowing and service learning. The Career Development Center has a job shadowing program that can help connect students with local employers who welcome the opportunity to mentor students.

Assistance continues as students prepare to enter the workforce. With a helping hand from the Career Development Center, students can:

  • Update resumes and cover letters, and prepare for interviews: Students and alumni are encouraged to bring drafts of their resumes and cover letters to the Career Development Center for review – no appointment necessary. And when it comes to interviews, practice makes perfect. We offer mock interviews, as well as access to an online system aimed at improving interview skills.
  • Find internships and jobs: JobLinks, a free online job database, is available to JCCC students, alumni, community members and employers as a one-stop shop to view current openings or post new jobs. Job opportunities are also posted in binders located in the Career Development Center and on job boards located in the Student Center and COM buildings. Linda Dubar, Internship and Employer Relations Coordinator, assists students with navigating internships, job shadowing and workplace transition by collaborating with employers to help recruit students with skills that align with employer needs.

According to Laurie Chapkin, Career Development Center Coordinator, “Knowing someone is one of the best ways to get a job, which is why internships are so valuable. By meeting people in your industry and building positive relationships, you can gain real-world experience, secure references and build your resume.”

Learn more:

Don’t miss out on valuable resources that will help you achieve your career goals. Contact the Career Development Center for assistance at 913-469-3870 or careerdevelopment@jccc.edu. You can also stop by SC 252 at the following times:

  • Monday – Wednesday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.