National petition showing support for St. Ann decision to deny admission to child of same sex couple amasses nearly 8,000 signatures

The petition calls for support for Archbishop Joseph Naumann (left) after the local archdiocese faced criticism for St. Ann Catholic Schools denial to admission of a kindergartener based on the sexual orientation of the child’s parents. Photo credit Scott Maentz. Photo used under a Creative Commons license.

Two weeks after more than 1,000 people — including hundreds of St. Ann Catholic Church parishioners — signed a petition urging the church and the local archdiocese to reconsider the decision to deny admission to the kindergarten-aged child of a same sex couple, a counter-petition has amassed nearly 8,000 signatures.

The petition, circulated on the website Life Petitions, which its founders say was created “to exclusively serve the pro-life and pro-family communities,” calls for a public show of support for Archbishop Joseph Naumann following backlash from the St. Ann controversy.

Circulated nationally, the petition invites signees to show support for “the school’s decision AND the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS and Archbishop Naumann who, in making this difficult decision, have had the integrity to safeguard the innocence of the school’s other children…and, the Church’s teaching on marriage.”

The Kansas City Star’s Katy Bergen first reported on the counter petition Thursday.