Mission Hills council OKs inaugural ‘Le Diner en Blanc’ event for residents at Verona Columns

The Verona Columns will be the site of Mission Hills’ inaugural “Le Diner en Blanc” event this spring.

Mission Hills councilmembers this week approved spending $8,000 on community functions in 2019, with about half of the budget going towards a new event “Le Diner En Blanc.”

The event will be modeled after dinners that have been held in Paris for decades. Photo credit Luc Legay.

The semi-formal picnic will take place May 17 at the base of the Verona Columns Circle and will feature live music from the Emily Dix Collective.

Residents will be encouraged to wear all white and bring food, drinks, and white décor to the function.

The event is modeled after an internationally practiced dinner party concept that originated in Paris in 1988. More than 70 cities worldwide host “Le Diner En Blanc” parties, said co-chair of the city’s Community Engagement Committee Caroline Moran.

“It’s just a really fun concept,” Moran said.

The event is intended for adults only and those wanting to attend will be responsible for sending in an RSVP. Mission Hills residents can expect to receive an invitation through the city’s marketing channels.

The party was approved as part of the Community Engagement Committee’s 2019 proposal for six total events. The committee works alongside the council to plan experiences that “encourage community, highlight the city’s green spaces and elevate the experience of being a Mission Hills resident.”

Other events tentatively planned for 2019 include a street fair, park popups, and Christmas Tree Lighting.