County officials says Shawnee Mission area neighborhoods will see highest increases in appraised value this year

Annual notices of valuation from the Johnson County Appraiser’s Office are going out starting this week.

Annual notices of valuation will be hitting the mailboxes of Johnson County homeowners starting this week — and the Appraiser’s Office is warning that several Shawnee Mission area neighborhoods will again see significant hikes.

Still, county officials say the pace of increasing home values has cooled somewhat since last year, when thousands of northeast Johnson County homeowners saw their year-over-year values increase by 20 percent or more.

County Appraiser Paul Welcome talked with attendees at a town hall meeting in Roeland Park after initial valuation notices went out in 2018.

“Although we’re still seeing strong values in the northeast, we are not seeing the frenzied pace that we experienced last year,” said Johnson County Appraiser Paul Welcome in a release accompanying this year’s Revaluation Report. “The market has cooled, but we are still very much in a seller’s market.”

While the official notices of appraised value are going out in the mail, homeowners can also use a new online tool to look up this year’s valuation and historical data on their properties.

Officials said the highest increases in appraised value from 2018 to 2019 are concentrated in the Shawnee Mission area. Among the areas to see the largest increases this year are:

  • Parts of Prairie Village
  • Mission Woods
  • Fairway
  • Westwood
  • Westwood Hills
  • Original town of Shawnee
  • Leawood north of I-435

Additionally, parts of Leawood south of I-435 and the original town of Olathe saw significant increases this year.

Concerns about impact of steep valuation increases on property tax burden

The county’s appraised value figures are used to calculate the amount of property tax a homeowner pays to several taxing jurisdictions, from Johnson County Government to the Johnson County Library to city government to the Shawnee Mission School District.

Double digit increases for thousands of homeowners in northeast Johnson County last year raised concerns about growing tax burden for fixed-income seniors, and frustrated many homeowners who said they weren’t prepared for such a sharp jump in property tax liability.

Those concerns may reemerge as 2019 valuation notices hit mailboxes in the coming days.

Summary data included in the revaluation report show that after Spring Hill, which saw an average increase of 20.28 percent in year-over-year appraised value, Westwood and Prairie Village had the biggest average increases this year at 12.65 and 10.53 percent, respectively. Here’s a table from the report showing the average year-over-year increase by city:

What’s more, thousands of individual homeowners in the Shawnee Mission area will be seeing valuation increases of 10 percent or more — with hundreds and hundreds seeing valuation increases above 20 percent. Here’s a chart from the revaluation report showing how many homes saw different levels of valuation increase this year (click to enlarge).

Homeowners can now make appeals online

New this year, the county has launched a portal where homeowners can file an appeal of their appraised value online. Residential appeals must be filed by March 27.

Following last year’s large increases in valuation for many homeowners, the number of appeals cases the Appraiser’s Office received jumped significantly. It received 6,691 appeals cases last year compared to about 5,000 in 2017.

The Appraiser’s Office adjusted the original 2018 valuation it had given in about half the appeals cases it received last year.