Roeland Park will spend around $120,000 to extend water line to Rocks site

Roeland Park continues to work to spur a development on the former Roeland Park pool site.

A water main extension to serve Roeland Park’s development at the old pool site, known as The Rocks, was approved Monday by councilmembers. The extension work, which is not to exceed $120,000, will be completed by WaterOne in conjunction with water line work needed for the Aldi store reconstruction.

A rendering commissioned by Roeland Park demonstrating mixed-use opportunities on the former pool site.

Joining Aldi’s water line work provides the city with a cost-savings opportunity, said Mayor Mike Kelly. The work will be paid through the city’s TIF 3 district fund, which has current balance of $280,000.

The city initially hoped the water extension cost would be covered by a developer at The Rocks, said city administrator Keith Moody.

“We hadn’t anticipated doing a water line improvement ourselves,” Moody said. “We had anticipated when development would occur the developer would pay for that water line extension.”

Moody said the city will be asking WaterOne what type of lines they recommend based on the different kinds of businesses that could occupy the site. For example hotels requires service that provides more than 1,500 gallons per minute, Moody said.

During a January ad-hoc development committee meeting a potential developer presented a $60 million investment concept where they would market The Rocks to companies that would occupy the site for various uses like senior cooperative housing, multi-family with structured parking, restaurant, hotel, or a coffee shop.

The city has also received some interest from Zip KC and Sunflower Hotel, but the businesses did not follow through with formal offers.