Your Community: Clubs for kids

Joining a club has many great benefits for kids and teens. Clubs create a fun environment for learning, cooperation and respect. In an environment like this, kids often feel more confident in sharing with the group, increasing their self-esteem. They also get a chance to make new friends, discover new interests and get a sense of belonging. If you haven’t considered a club before, now’s the time to try one out.

Johnson County Library has several clubs for kids and teens where they can read, have fun (and snacks!) and learn:

American Girl Book Club – American girls love to read, and this Book Club helps American girls read more. American Girl offers many character stories exploring historical perspectives from a girl’s point of view. Join this group to read and craft with your American Girl!

After School Book Club – Each month, Club kids get together to talk about a new book, meet kids from other schools, enjoy snacks and explore fresh ideas. Bonus fun: you’ll build your own home library. A free book is given to the first ten kids who arrive that day.

Coding Club – Coding Club is the perfect time to dabble alongside other aspiring programmers. Learn together through exploration, self-directed projects, and guidance from a librarian with a background in software engineering.
For more information about these clubs, visit the Johnson County Library Events page.

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