Mission Hills moving forward with study of flooding issues near Brush Creek, Rock Creek confluence

Brush Creek has been prone to flooding in recent years near its confluence with Rock Creek, which sits close to the Fairway, Mission Hills border.

The Mission Hills city council this week approved spending $75,000 on an engineering contract with Water Resource Solutions for 2D and 3D modeling of the Rock Creek/Brush Creek confluence as the city looks to address the potential of overflow and flooding in the area.

The total cost of the engineering project is $150,000 with Mission Hills splitting the expense with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Significant rain events have caused overflowing where Rock Creek and Brush Creek meet, leading to flooding damage in some Fairway homes.

The modeling will identify whether there is a viable way to improve the problem and what potential solutions could look like. The 3D modeling will look at the confluence and 2D modeling will focus on areas of Rock Creek and Brush Creek.

“All of this is very preliminary to see if anything can be done to improve the situation,” said Assistant City Administrator Jennifer Lee.

Councilmember Barbara Nelson suggested asking Fairway to “shoulder some of the cost” of the project, since it will impact their community.

Lee said the city had not talked to Fairway about sharing in the cost but that Fairway was aware of the project.

Mayor David Dickey said he agreed it could make sense to bring Fairway in on cost discussions at some point, but that he thought it was too early in the planning process at this time.

“In the immediate term it would slow us down a bit,” Dickey said.