Leawood reviews proposed design for new fire station at 96th and Lee

The former city hall building will be relocated on the site to make way for the new fire station.

Leawood elected officials on Monday got a look at designs for a new fire station to be located on the site of the former city hall building at 96th and Lee Boulevard.

Leawood Fire Chief David Williams said the new station design should have a functional life of about 50 years.

The three story, 13,000 square foot facility would have accommodations for up to eight firefighters to bunk at a time, and would have on-site exercise and locker room facilities as well as a meeting and training room that could be made available for public meetings.

Leawood Fire Department Chief David Williams told members of the city council at a workshop meeting that the new station should have an expected life of about 50 years. The budget for the project will be approximately $6 million.

Here’s a look at the elevation drawings presented to the council Monday:

The site and building plans will move on to the city’s planning commission for consideration, with preliminary plans likely coming before the body next month.

During the workshop, councilmembers asked questions about setbacks from neighboring homes, insulation from noise, and whether a fourth equipment bay might be considered for the station.

City leaders will wait for the fire station plans to be finalized before they begin making plans for the land to the north of the site where the new fire station will be built, which will be converted into a public park. Preliminary plans for that park call for the former city hall building that sits where the new fire station will be built to be lifted off its foundation and relocated to the new part grounds, where it may be converted into a community space and small museum — though other options for uses of the building may be considered as well.

City Manager Scott Lambers said the future of the existing fire station structure would be part of the deliberations on the design of the park land.

Here’s a look at the site plan showing the part of the property that will be converted to the new fire station and what will remain for use as a public park: