Former Belinder PTA president Bonnie Limbird enters Prairie Village council race

Former Belinder PTA president Bonnie Limbird is running for a Ward 3 seat on the Prairie Village City Council. Submitted photo. Credit Abi Limbird.

A recent president of the Belinder Elementary PTA has filed to run for a Ward 3 seat on the Prairie Village City Council.

Bonnie Limbird, who served as PTA president at Belinder last school year, has filed for the seat occupied by incumbent Andrew Wang since 2004. She said she believed the council would benefit from someone with a fresh perspective on city issues.

“It’s time for a change,” Limbird said. “The incumbent has been there for 15 years, and I think we need someone who is engaged in the community and ready to listen to what our neighbors want.”

Wang indicated that he intends to seek a new term on the council, though he has not officially filed yet.

“I enjoy serving my community as a council member and I do intend to run for another term,” he said. “I hope Ms. Limbird finds running for office as inspiring, invigorating and rewarding as I have.”

Limbird is a native of the Kansas City area and moved to Prairie Village from Olathe in 2008. She said that the city’s schools, parks and public safety made it an attractive place to call home for herself, her husband Chris and their daughter Abi.

She said she thinks Prairie Village is in a “pretty good place” overall, but that it could “use some help” in a few key areas. Limbird believes the Ward 3 neighborhoods in particular need improvements in bike- and walkability, and she would like to see Prairie Village take a more proactive approach to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

As one of the founders of the Belinder PTA’s diversity and inclusion committee, she believes Prairie Village could be taking a look at ways to improve its inclusiveness as well.

Limbird said she wants to hear from residents.

“I’ll be walking the neighborhoods to meet people as the election gets closer, but I want to hear from everyone — exchanging emails or getting together for coffee,” she said. “It’s important to hear from people in Ward 3 and listen to their concerns.”

Limbird has set up a campaign website at