Briefly noted: Jeopardy honors Larry Martin; Prairie Village announces council committee assignments

Jeopardy host Alec Trebek filmed a remembrance of Larry Martin, the Belinder Elementary teacher who won the Teachers Tournament last year and died last week.

Jeopardy remembers Belinder Teacher Larry Martin. Jeopardy host Alec Trebek has filmed a remembrance of Belinder Teacher Larry Martin, who won the show’s 2018 Teachers Tournament and who died of cancer last week. Trebek said Martin has been a memorable competitor.

“Larry was not only a very good player, but he was really, really popular with our fans here in the studio, with the fans nationwide, and with all of his fellow competitors in that Teachers Tournament,” Trebek said. Here’s the full video:

The show also published a piece on its website honoring Martin.

“During his short time with us, Larry was complimentary about his competitors, humble about his success, and generous in the credit he gave to the students who had helped him prepare,” reads the post. “On the recognition he received for his win, he said, “In a just world, every teacher would receive this kind of attention and praise … for the difficult and important work that we all do.”

As a Teachers Tournament champion, Martin was going to have been invited to compete in the next Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.

“We intend to honor his memory at that time, but until then, we will keep his name listed in the Tournament Tracker. It is with great sadness that we place an asterisk next to that name,” reads the post.

Prairie Village announces city council committee assignments. New Prairie Village Mayor Eric Mikkelson has announced committee assignments for members of the city council. They are as follows:

  • Council President: Terrence Gallagher
  • Parks & Rec: Chad Herring (Chair); Courtney McFadden (Vice Chair)
  • Insurance: Ron Nelson (Chair); Andy Wang (Vice Chair)
  • Environment: Jori Nelson (Chair); Tucker Poling (Vice Chair)
  • Arts Council: Brooke Morehead (Chair); Ted Odell (Vice Chair)
  • VillageFest: Courtney McFadden
  • JazzFest: Serena Schermoly
  • Tree Board: Sheila Myers
  • Police Pension: Dan Runion
  • Teen Council: Gallagher to finish 2018-2019 session, Jori Nelson to Chair 2019-2020 session, Ron Nelson (Vice Chair)
  • Finance: Dan Runion (Chair); Courtney McFadden (Vice Chair); Ted O’Dell; Chad Herring; Tucker Poling ; Sheila Myers
  • Planning Commission: Ron Nelson
  • School Board: Tucker Poling
  • Statuary: Sheila Myers (Chair); Serena Schermoly (Vice-Chair)