Jury convicts man found staying in U-Haul storage facility in Lenexa with 2 children, dead wife’s remains

Justin Rey’s booking photo from Johnson County jail.

After a three-day trial, a Johnson County jury has found a man accused of keeping two children in a storage facility in Lenexa where he was storing the dismembered remains of his wife of aggravated child endangerment, child misconduct, and sexual exploitation of a child.

Justin Rey was arrested in October 2017 after being found staying the night with a newborn and toddler in a U-Haul storage facility. Police later found that Rey had placed his wife Jessica’s remains in coolers inside the facility as well.

Rey told authorities that his wife had died in childbirth at a hotel in Kansas City, Mo., and evidence introduced during the trial included a text message to Justin from Jessica reading “It’s girl.”

Testimony during the trial indicated that Rey identifies as a Christian Scientist and rejects the idea of trained medical professional assisting in child birth, which is why the baby was being delivered in a hotel. He said that he planned to take his wife’s body to a reservation in the southwest. He dismembered her body and divided it up among the coolers in hopes of being able to transport her undetected.

During the investigation following Rey’s arrest, police found hundreds of search records for child pornography as well as four images on his phone. He was found guilty of three counts of sexual exploitation of a child by the jury.

Rey is scheduled to be sentenced on March 27.