Shawnee collaborating with Johnson County, MARC, Lenexa on 75th Street beautification project

Shawnee is collaborating with Johnson County, Lenexa and a nearby developer on a $3 million improvement project for 75th Street between Quivira and Switzer.

Shawnee is collaborating with Johnson County and the Mid-America Regional Council to make improvements on 75th Street.

The city council in its Monday meeting unanimously agreed to accept County Assisted Road System (CARS) funds from Johnson County on the city street improvement project. The total funding reimbursement makes up 50 percent of all construction and engineering costs, but not exceeding $1.4 million.

The $3 million project will make street improvements to 75th Street from Quivira Road to Switzer Road. Shawnee anticipates contributing $1.2 million of city funds for the project, with plans to receive $400,000 in outside funds from the Westbrooke Green developer and the city of Lenexa to help pay for the project (Lenexa shares part of the intersection at 75th and Quivira).

This project, which was included in Shawnee’s 2019 capital improvement plan, will make improvements including asphalt mill and overlay, curb and sidewalk/accessibility removal and replacement, new striping, utility relocation, storm sewer facilities, a new traffic signal and geometric improvements at 75th and Quivira, as well as adding streetscape items.

Shawnee staff is working with MARC on conducting a study of the corridor to make beautification improvements. The study, Re-Imagine 75th Street, will ultimately establish recommendations for the stretch of road.

MARC and Shawnee are working on selecting a consultant selection for the study, after which the consultant is expected to complete a report by late summer. City staff reported that this phase will delay the design, plan preparation and construction of the CARS-funded project.

The majority of construction will be completed in 2020, according to a Jan. 28 city memo.