Local Physical Therapist Danny Laughlin shares experience in 2020 FIT Program

Danny Laughlin

Working out has been a priority of mine for the past 10 years. Not only have I seen great benefits for others, but I have also experienced them first hand. As life becomes more demanding, I’ve had to find ways to continue to push myself, make gains, and chase the same stress relieving feelings that I thought only longer workouts could provide.

I first experienced “FIT” class when it was in the early stages of development. I would meet up with fellow coaches before the regular class time, because we knew we could knock out the full workout in 30 minutes. I discovered that on the days we did this, I was able to accomplish so much more before my workday even started.

2020 has progressed this 30-minute class and compressed it into an all-encompassing workout. Using dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, and sandbags on such a regular basis has not only increased my overall strength, but my core strength as well. My cardio has improved so much that I notice I have another gear when I go do a regular, 1-hour CrossFit class.

One might think that using lighter dumbbells for movements like deadlifts and squats rather than a heavy barbell, you’d lose some strength over time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the past 6 months, while doing the FIT classes on a regular basis, I have hit personal bests in both deadlift and back squat.

The FIT programming forces you to use your core significantly more than when you are using a barbell. The intensity is there, too, especially when the rowers or bikes are utilized. The cardio, coupled with core movements, leaves me feeling like I just worked out for an hour, but I am finished in 30 minutes.

In my opinion, FIT is the most efficient way to challenge yourself physically on an everyday basis and still be able to come back the next day ready to tackle another workout.