Roeland Park estimates it will spend $100K on easements for Roe 2020 project

Roeland Park has budgeted around $100,000 to acquire easements it needs for the revamp of its major business district as part of the Roe 2020 project.

Roeland Park has budgeted to spend $100,000 on private property easements during the Roe 2020 Project, and another $150,000 on appraisals, easement acquisitions, and legal fees.

City administrator Keith Moody said he expected the bulk of the easements to be temporary and for construction purposes, with a few permanent easements for utility installations.

“That $100,000 is what we have anticipated having to spend in compensating property owners for these temporary easements,” Moody said.

Property owners impacted by the easements will receive a letter in the mail explaining the area of their property the city needs to access for easements, and the amount of compensation they will receive for the temporary usage of the land.

“It allows the contractor the right to access that portion of their property described in the easement for a certain period of time to complete this specific work,” Moody said. “After the work has been completed…then the easement disappears.”

Councilmembers unanimously agreed to award appraisal and easement acquisition services to Donoho Appraisers for a cost not to exceed $133,750. Remaining funds from the budgeted $150,000 is expected to be spent on legal fees in situations where property owners oppose the easements and the process enters condemnation.

Goals for the $8.2 million Roe 2020 project include improving pedestrian walkability, calming traffic, and enhancing the aesthetics and character of Roe Boulevard. Final project plans are expected to be completed this fall with construction expected to start in spring 2020.