Shawnee council elects Meyer, Neighbor to lead council positions in 2019

Stephanie Meyer

Shawnee councilmember Stephanie Meyer is the new council president and her colleague Jim Neighbor is the new council vice-chair for the 2019 year.

Meyer’s colleagues in a 6-1 vote accepted her self-nomination during the Jan. 14 council meeting. Councilmember Eric Jenkins cast the single dissenting vote. Councilmember Mike Kemmling was absent.

Likewise, Neighbor’s colleagues in a 7-0 vote accepted Neighbor’s self-nomination.

Meyer and Neighbor were the only councilmembers to self-nominate for their respective positions, according to a Jan. 14 city memo. There was no discussion before Meyer’s election.

Shawnee councilmember Jim Neighbor was elected last week as vice-chair of council committee.

The council in October 2018 agreed to revise eligibility requirements and refine the self-nomination process. For instance, councilmembers must have served on the
council for at least a year to be eligible.

Councilmembers must notify the city clerk at least a week before the first January meeting. The city clerk then prepares a ballot of names of councilmembers who self-nominated. The ballots are then distributed at the council meeting for members to check a box next to the person they wish to nominate.

The person with the most check marks receives the first motion.