Shawnee Mission puts out call for Digital Learning Task Force volunteers

The district administration is assembling a task force to look at implementation of the 1:1 technology initiative.

A month and a half after a group of parents aired concerns about implementation of the Shawnee Mission School District’s 1:1 technology initiative to the board of education, administrators are working to assemble a task force to look at how technology can be used to support student achievement — and not distract from their learning.

Superintendent Mike Fulton’s administration had committed to the group of parents during discussions this fall that it would assemble a group to look into issues surrounding use of district-issued devices in and out of the classroom. The call for volunteers that went out Thursday asks for people with a variety of backgrounds:

The Shawnee Mission School District is seeking volunteers to serve on the Digital Learning Task Force. The Task Force – composed of volunteer parents, students, patrons, experts, and educators – will support and advise the continued development of digital learning across the Shawnee Mission School District. We will be selecting Task Force members with an eye toward ensuring a balanced committee with a diversity of viewpoints, including representation from Pre-K/elementary, middle, and high schools.


Follow-up communication will come in late January, 2019 with a convening in mid-February. The progress of the task force will be communicated and maintained on the District’s website including meeting agendas and information documenting the work.

If interested in volunteering to serve on the Task Force, please complete the form provided via the following link.

If you are not selected to serve, please know that your time and response in providing feedback is valued and will help guide the work of the task force.