Roeland Park tallies up completed priorities from 2018, looks to 2019 projects

Removing Dead Trees at Nall Park was among the priorities completed in Roeland Park this year.

Removing dead trees in Nall Park, finishing a high priority sidewalk project, and maintaining the city’s art were among 2018 objectives completed by Roeland Park.

Twenty tasks, with a total budget of $330,000, were planned for completion in 2018. Two-thirds of completed tasks came in at or below budgeted cost.

“We got a lot accomplished in 2018,” said Roeland Park Mayor Mike Kelly during a council workshop.

Improving sidewalk along Birch Street was by far the most expensive objective completed in 2018 ($130,000), followed by the purchase of street maintenance equipment ($19,180).

Other items of note:

  • Roeland Park’s police department implemented a $7,250 crime reduction initiative that resulted in a 24.5 percent decrease in crime in the city’s business district.
  • City staff implemented an $11,500 pilot program to increase the Roeland Parker Newsletter to seven issues per year.
  • The city spent $9,500 of the allotted $24,000 on implementing a brand launch plan—which resulted in the city selecting a new logo and tagline.
  • Four 2018 tasks remain in progress, including plans to finalize the design of the first phase of R Park, and adding shade structures to R Park, Granada Park and the pool.

The city is also continuing work on two 2017 objectives, the most notable being a $1 million task to find a new location for Public Works. According to a staff report the city is continuing to evaluate 35 potential relocation sites.

The city has a total of 33 objectives planned for completion in 2019.