2020 Fitness: Our January wellness challenge

Each year at 2020 Fitness we encourage our clients in January to make some much-needed changes to their health. We all fall off the bandwagon over the holidays and utilize January as a launch pad to the remainder of the year.

This season we’re encouraging the community at large to benefit. What we’ve done is set up a 30-day challenge, which involves three components – Sleep, Nutrition & Activity. The community winner at the end of the month is going to receive a $199 credit to 2020 Fitness!

The rules are simply as follows:

  • Spend 7+ hours in bed each night (not necessarily asleep but 7 hours straight in bed without tv or screens on)
  • Eat clean – No processed food (see this hand out for more information)
  • Do some sort of activity everyday for 30 days. This could include a CrossFit workout or a nice 15 minute walk outside.

If you’d like to get some ideas for workouts, we post daily online HERE.

The nutrition “cheat sheet” can be downloaded here and please follow us on Instagram / Facebook as we’ll be posting some tips throughout the month.

To enter to win – simply send your completed card to jon@2020.fitness. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out as we’re happy to help!

This Sponsored Column is written by Jon Rowley of 2020 Fitness. Located in the heart of Prairie Village, 2020 Fitness provides a positive and fun fitness environment dedicated to improving the lives’ of its clients. Contact 2020 Fitness today.