Christopher Elbow will open new Fairway Creamery concept in Pizza 51 space

Chocolatier Christopher Elbow is the purchaser of the Pizza 51 building in Fairway — and he plans to use the space to launch a new donut, ice cream and coffee concept this spring, he confirmed today.

Elbow said his company had been looking for a second location for its Glacé Artisan Ice Cream shop when he came across the Fairway location at 60th and Mission a few months ago.

“One of the issues that we have with the current space for Glacé is that it’s pretty tight so we’re a little limited in what we can do there,” he said. “With the extra space in there, it felt like the perfect opportunity to expand our offerings a little.”

The new shop, which will be called Fairway Creamery, will sell artisinal ice creams like those on offer at Glacé, but will also offer frozen treats not available at the south Plaza location, like soft serve ice cream and dipped cones.

The space will also allow Elbow to pursue a passion that’s been simmering on the backburner for years: donuts.

“Donuts are a long-standing hobby of mine and I’d always threatened to open a donut shop if the opportunity came up,” he said.

Elbow envisions a donut menu that’s heavy on old-fashioned style and cake donuts, though there will likely be a couple of yeast-raised options on the menu as well.

“The donuts will be made fresh on site daily,” he said. “And our focus is going to be on fresh ingredients. If we’ve got something with a raspberry or strawberry glaze, we’re going to be using good, fresh berries.”

The coffee menu is still in the works, but Elbow said he’s been speaking with roasters in the city and that the full coffee bar will use beans from a high-quality provider.

Elbow is hoping to open the doors on the new shop in May.

“I love that neighborhood and I love that building, the old filling station,” he said. “We feel like this is the type of business that will do well in that neighborhood.”

The company is still working on details like operating hours, but Elbow said they plan to be open seven days a week.

Pizza 51 closed on New Year’s Day after seven years in business in Fairway.