Justin’s of Lenexa liquor store opens at former Gomer’s location

Justin's of Lenexa
Justin’s of Lenexa opened earlier this month, replacing Gomer’s of Kansas on West 87th Street.

One of the partners behind Justin’s Discount Spirits in Shawnee has opened his own liquor store in Lenexa.

The new liquor store, Justin’s of Lenexa Fine Wines and Spirits, replaces Gomer’s of Kansas at 12740 W. 87th St. Gomer’s moved to City Center just down the street earlier this year.

Justin Matchette, owner of Justin’s of Lenexa, had opened the Shawnee liquor store a few years ago with Chris Straight, who bought him out in the transition. Justin’s of Lenexa officially opened Dec. 14.

Justin's of Lenexa
Justin Matchette opened Justin’s of Lenexa, branching off from his original business venture, Justin’s Discount Spirits in Shawnee, with Chris Straight.

Matchette said the location as an established liquor store in Lenexa appealed to his wishes for the new business venture. Besides that, the 12,000-square-foot facility is already equipped for serving local restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages — including a spacious warehouse and garage.

The Lenexa store is similar to its counterpart in Shawnee — except it’s double the size of the Shawnee store’s 6,000 square feet, Matchette said. With a bigger space, Justin’s of Lenexa is also more or organized and easier to navigate, he added. The Lenexa store employs about 15 people.

Matchette said customers have been pleased to have a liquor store back up and running in the space.

“They’re really glad we’re here; they’re really glad we opened up,” he said. “Our price and selection is great. I can say, in all the years I’ve been in business, I’ve never had this happen, but a customer come back, pull me out of my office to tell me what a good experience he had…That’s what we’re trying to accomplish. It really exceeded my expectations from opening the doors to how quick people are responding to it.”