Stroke survivor opens first CBD store in Lenexa

Phoenix Natural Wellness
Angie and Steve Doyal run Phoenix Natural Wellness, the first CBD store in Lenexa.

Only 46 years old, and already, she’d had a stroke. What could this mean for Angie Doyal’s future?

“It was really, really unexpected; I don’t have any risk factors,” Doyal said. “I don’t have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I don’t have family history (of stroke). I don’t smoke.

“My story is why we’re here.”

After her stroke, her doctors removed two clots from her brain. Once she completed seven weeks of physical, occupational and speech therapy, she got most of her function back on her left side.

But Doyal worked in the fast-paced world of marketing and public relations. She was a driven multitasker who suddenly could no longer keep up with her career.

In the aftermath of her stroke, she started having anxiety and depression. Her doctors prescribed medication like Xanax, and she went through counseling. They helped, but not enough. Stuck in her own head, she felt like she was losing it.

Then a friend introduced her to an alternative: cannabidiol, or CBD oil. Doyal tried a gummy and found that it helped her relax. Doyal knew she needed a new direction in her career; what if CBD was the answer, she had thought.

Two years later, after working a few short months at the two other Phoenix Natural Wellness locations in the Kansas City area, Doyal decided to open her own shop.

Angie Doyal and her husband, Steve Doyal, opened Phoenix Natural Wellness at 13342 College Blvd. on Oct. 22. Their shop is the first and only store in Lenexa that is specifically dedicated to CBD products, she added.

Bulk It, a Lenexa-based health food store, also sells CBD products.

“I’ve never been in the industry of healthcare or anything where I really, truly help people; I was always in corporate PR and corporate marketing,” Doyal said. “It helps people feel more comfortable when they can talk to somebody that’s not just trying to sell them something — somebody that’s been through what they’ve been through.”

Phoenix Natural Wellness offers CBD and hemp products, including edibles, vapes, oils, tinctures, lotion, bath bombs, soaps and even pet products.

Doyal said CBD is safe and legal, so she encourages people to try it if it could help.

“When we’re looking at such an opioid crisis in the United States, and there’s an all-natural way to treat some of these issues, it can help combat some of those issues that we’re faced with.”

For Doyal, the best part of opening the shop has been her ability to help others find solutions that work for them. Many of her customers have problems like chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

“I like to be able to relate on a personal level, and see when people come back in for the second time and tell me that it worked, and I see the look in their eyes of, ‘Thank God, something’s working for me,’ I can put myself in their shoes and remember how it felt when it started working for me too.

“It just makes me feel like something good can come of what I went through. Sometimes it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself and woe is me. But then I meet so many people and realize that we all are going through something.”