The Mission Project may move fitness classes to Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center

The Mission Project provides opportunities for adults with Down syndrome and autism lead lives with minimal support.

Mission is allowing The Mission Project, a local nonprofit that helps adults with developmental disabilities, to host fitness classes in the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center.

The Mission city council unanimously approved the terms of the contract during its Dec. 19 meeting. The agreement awaits confirmation from The Mission Project staff for final approval before it will go into effect.

The Mission Project staff has been looking for a facility or organization to partner with to offer health, wellness and fitness activities. Councilmembers during their committee meeting earlier this month said they were excited about partnering with The Mission Project.

“I think it’s kind of cool; I think that’s awesome,” said councilmember Kristin Inman.

City administrator Laura Smith had said The Mission Project members have outgrown their current fitness space and are looking to increase overall health and wellness efforts. The organization has also had challenges with coordinating transportation for their fitness class participants.

By having classes at the community center in Mission, participants will be able to walk to classes and work out on their own time, Smith said.

The proposed agreement indicates that the community center would offer annual memberships and six user-specific classes each week that are “tailored to the defined needs of the identified population.”

“Participants will attend structured classes and will utilize community center equipment and instructors that will provide The Mission Project members with the opportunity to become more familiar with weight and cardio room equipment, leading to improved overall physical health,” according to a Dec. 5 city memo. “Classes will focus on different cardio and weight training activities with fun, interactive sessions.”

This year, 12 Mission Project participants have had memberships with the community center. That number will increase to 31 under the agreement.

The city anticipates the agreement generating $30,400 annually. Smith said The Mission Project has grant funds to assist with costs of fitness classes.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify that the city of Mission has signed its end of the contract and awaits confirmation from The Mission Project before the agreement becomes finalized.