New Fairway pet licensing fees and fines go into effect in January

Increased annual pet licensing fees in the city of Fairway will go into effect in January.

The city requires that all dogs — including foster pets — over 6 months of age be registered for annual license between Jan. 2 and March 31. To obtain a license, pet owners mush produce a current rabies vaccination certification and present it at City Hall, either in person or by mail.

The fees for spayed and neutered dogs next year is $10 per animal, up from $5 per animal this year.

The fee for dogs that have not been spayed or neutered is $25 per animal, the same fee that was charged this year.

Dogs that are not licensed by March 31 are subject to the following late fees:

  • Licensing Fee + Delinquent Fee = Total Due
  • 1st month late fee: (beginning April 1): $10 (up from $2 this year)
  • 2nd month late fee: (beginning May 1): $20 (up from $10 this year)
  • June 1st $30.00 late fee + citation + $58.00 court costs (up from $20 this year)

Fairway residents who no longer have a previously licensed dog should notify City Hall by calling 913-262-0350.