Lenexa police will upgrade body cameras, in-car cameras and digital evidence system

Photo credit Lenexa Police.

Lenexa police officers are getting new body cameras, in-car cameras and digital evidence collection and management system.

The Lenexa Police Department will purchase the new equipment for $919,175 from Axon Enterprise Inc. The cost of equipment covers a five-year expected use period and includes camera upgrades at 24 to 30 months.

Deputy police chief Dawn Layman said the police officers’ current equipment, which has been in use for the past nine to 10 years, does not sync well because they are owned by different companies. These companies push out system updates and upgrades that disrupt the synchronicity of the equipment.

“The new company is, obviously, one solution for our body-worn and our in-car cameras,” Layman said, “Not only that… it allows us to keep all our digital evidence in one location. So you don’t have to go to several different buckets to pool information.

Digital evidence covers a wide spectrum of data needed by police officers to investigate a case, such as 911 phone calls, photographs, video clips from the department and surveillance footage submitted by businesses and residences.

Layman said Axon Enterprise offers a great digital evidence management system that allows the Lenexa Police Department to share evidence with other law enforcement agencies, district and prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys. Plus, the system includes an audit trail, so the department can track which offices and agencies have received and reviewed digital evidence from their cases.

“The ability to have that in one location makes it so much easier when preparing a case (and) sending a case out to the DA’s office,” Layman said. “I don’t have to go looking in five different spots for different videos; it’s all in one location.”

The Lenexa council unanimously approved the purchase in a 7-0 vote last night. Councilmember Thomas Nolte was absent.