2020 Fitness: Staying healthy during the holidays

Holidays — with multiple parties and cookie plates aplenty — are tough times to start a diet or fitness regimen. Instead, aim to maintain your health through the holidays with an eye on improvements in the new year.

By Jon Rowley

The holidays are a tough time to start a ‘diet’. At 2020 Fitness we encourage our clients to ‘maintain’ throughout the holiday season. Below are some tips to help you manage this season. Remember, working out more cannot make up for the poor nutrition many of us enjoy this time of year.

Jon Rowley

A little sacrifice and strategic thinking may help you not only survive, but thrive this holiday season.

  • #1 Drink water. Obvious advice right? If you have a big appetite and habit of eating too much as I certainly do, try drinking a big glass of water (or three) before the dinner or party to help limit the room in that stomach of yours. A nice by-product is improving your hydration.
  • #2 Eat before you arrive. As long as it won’t be obvious to your host (rude), eat a little or a lot of something that is healthy BEFORE you get to the party. This way you can control your intake and then just enjoy yourself at the party and not be stressing about how many cookies you’ve had – or be proud that you only had one.
  • #3 Find your hands on the lighter dishes. Your best friend is the veggie dish. Rock the broccoli and carrots – They’re at every party and almost never touched. Cookies are great, don’t get me wrong – They just have an amazing way of finding themselves on your belly and love handles.
  • #4 Timing is everything. Planning to abuse yourself with food or otherwise? You can attempt to ‘get away with it’ if you time your activity and sleep accordingly. Option #1 if you plan to eat that tray of cookies – try and get as much sleep as possible that night. Sleep is a magical tool to help you burn fat, please take advantage of it. Option #2 is to time your activity as close to the party/dinner as possible. Get in a hard workout/run etc. within 2 hours of the party and your body will be a little more receptive to the treats.

DISCLAIMER: We are not encouraging you to eat entire cookie trays, merely suggesting ways to help manage what may be inevitable for many of us (can you tell I like cookies?…).

Have an amazing holiday season and we’ll see you on the other side!

This Sponsored Column is written by Jon Rowley of 2020 Fitness. Located in the heart of Prairie Village, 2020 Fitness provides a positive and fun fitness environment dedicated to improving the lives’ of its clients. Contact 2020 Fitness today.