Lenexa approves $200K review of former city hall facility, future public safety center needs

A consultant will be reviewing Lenexa’s public safety facilities to determine what needs to be done to meet the city’s needs for the coming decades.

Lenexa will undertake an extensive review and planning process for the former city hall facility on 87th Street as leaders look to ensure the city has the space to house its public safety needs — from the police department to municipal court — for years to come.

The council unanimously agreed on Tuesday to hire PGAV Architects Inc. for $204,600 to review the current and future space needs of the Lenexa Public Safety Complex and then develop a comprehensive master plan for the current facility.

The proposed study would provide recommendations on facility size, location and cost to accommodate the Lenexa Police Department, municipal court and other city departments, according to deputy city administrator Todd Pelham.

With the hiring of the consultant, Pelham said he and city staff hope to “hit the ground running” this month. City staff recommended PGAV Architects because the company’s approach to the study as well as the quality of the team members’ experience make it the ideal candidate, he added.

Pelham said the study will provide multiple alternatives for the city council to consider, including remodeling the current facility, new construction on site or even building a new public safety complex somewhere else.

“When we look at the data analysis of this project, we also want to look at our current need, our 10-year need and our 20-year need for the public safety department,” Pelham told the council Tuesday evening. “We want to make sure that that entire future program can fit on the current site. If that does not happen, we might bring forward an alternative for you to look at that might not be on the current site. That’s not where we think we’ll end up, but we want to make sure that we are planning for the future and if this site can maintain our projected growth.”

Pelham said the city’s recently adopted capital improvements program earmarked $220,000 for the study.

The complex at 12500 W 87th St Pkwy. became devoted to housing public safety functions in mid-2017 after Lenexa opened its new city hall and municipal administrative offices at the City Center development at 87th and I-435.