Lutz Plumbing grows business in Shawnee with new office space

Lutz Plumbing
The Lutz Plumbing staff. Not pictured are Bill Mutch, Scott Edmisten, Edwin Lopez and Ashley Threlkeld.

Lutz Plumbing has outgrown its old spot in Shawnee. Now the nearly 100-year-old company has settled in its new and expanded office space at 21961 W. 83 St. in Shawnee.

A few weeks ago, Lutz Plumbing celebrated its growth and new office space with a ribbon-cutting through the Lenexa Chamber of Commerce.

Amber Lutz Sewell, president and co-owner, said the expanded business means more hours and appointment time slots to devote to customers, making it even more convenient to book with the company.

“It’s been fun to be able to provide that extra level of service to our existing customers and new customers,” Lutz Sewell said.

Lutz Plumbing’s roots began as a construction company in Missouri in the 1920s. By the time Lutz Sewell’s grandfather got involved, they had moved to Shawnee and evolved the business to focus more on plumbing.

“It’s been nice to associate our family, personally, and the business with the city,” she said. “It’s been really exciting because we’re able to serve more customers than ever before because of the growth, and serve them better.”

Lutz Sewell attributes most of the company’s growth to its referral system and effective marketing, especially through word of mouth. Her focus has mostly been on utilizing her marketing background to grow the company, instead of solely focusing on plumbing. In fact, she is a graduate of the ScaleUp program hosted by the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Small Business Administration.

“It had always been a company run by plumbers, which was great because that’s the most important thing,” Lutz Sewell said, “but no one has really ever ran it from a business perspective.”

Lutz Sewell said the new offices are double the square footage of the company’s old location in the 23700 block of West 83rd Terrace. Now, the company can stock more products in-house, streamline customer needs and work in a larger space.

Space is also “quite a bit bigger” because of the growing business, Lutz Sewell added. Occasionally, Lutz Plumbing staff opens up its new warehouse space for customers to check out what they do. For example, a few of the Lutz plumbers cut a water heater in half so people could see how sediment builds up over time.

The company has 12 plumbers on staff, up from three in 2008.

Lutz Plumbing serves the entire Kansas City metro area, anywhere between Lawrence, Grain Valley, Liberty and Bucyrus.