Shawnee extends landfill permit to Deffenbaugh, Waste Management until May 2020

Shawnee has extended the landfill operations permit for Deffenbaugh, a subsidiary of Waste Management.

Shawnee has permitted Deffenbaugh Industries to continue operating the landfill at the southwest corner of Holliday Drive and I-435 for another 18 months.

The special operations permit for Deffenbaugh Industries, now a subsidiary of Waste Management, will be up for review again in May 2020.

The council approved the permit in a 7-0 vote Monday evening. Councilmember Matt Zimmerman was absent.

Before the vote, Shawnee resident Dan Fenton, a regular cyclist on the Gary L. Haller Trail near the landfill, expressed concerns with the odor.

“Virtually every time I go biking on the trail, there is an odor somewhere, and I am convinced it comes from the landfill,” Fenton said. “I wish the city could do something to make Waste Management manage the landfill better because I don’t remember problems like this when Deffenbaugh managed the landfill.”

Mayor Michelle Distler encouraged the cyclist to report odors through the city’s mobile application Shawnee Connect, or by calling city hall. Reporting the odor alerts staff to respond and document it.

The resident’s complaint of landfill odors follows years of reported complaints. However, the number of complaints has fallen in the past two years, according to a Nov. 26 city memo from community development director Doug Allmon. In 2016, 415 odor reports were received, and last year, 243 reports were received. Between January and September 2018, 86 reports were received.

Most of the complaints in recent years have come from the Lake Quivira area.