Roeland Park approves shifting animal control service contract to city of Mission

Roeland Park will be shifting its animal control services contract from the Northeast Animal Control Commission (NEACC) to the City of Mission, councilmembers unanimously voted last week.

The contract change is expected to save Roeland Park about $22,400 per year. Mission will charge Roeland Park an annual base fee of $1,500 with an additional fee per call of $100.

The NEACC will dissolve by the end of 2018, following concerns that the commission’s costs were too high for participating communities. The NEACC was formed in 1983 by Fairway, Mission, Mission Woods, Roeland Park, Westwood and Westwood Hills.

In 2018 the six cities spent a total of $183,400 on the NEACC, which received an average of less than three calls per day for animal control services.

Mission’s fee was the highest at $77,150, followed by Roeland Park at $55,500 and Fairway $32,450. NEACC cost was figured on a per capita basis.

Over the last several years, NEACC members had expressed concerns with quality of service, according to a City of Mission memo.

The NEACC operates from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with two-full time and one part-time employee. No service is provided on Sundays or most holidays. When the NEACC is not available to respond to calls, police personnel handle the issue.

Roeland Park councilmembers discussed the transition at length during previous meetings with several councilmembers noting their belief that the city could achieve better animal control results at a lower cost by using a different contractor.

City staff supported the transition noting that “staff prefers working with another governmental agency to provide this service as this adds certainty to the service delivery.”