Been getting your mail later than usual? It’s just temporary, says USPS

Photo credit Atomic Taco. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Some northeast Johnson County residents who typically have their mail delivered in the afternoons each day have been reporting delayed delivery times. In fact, a number of neighborhood have been getting their mail well past sunset.

The delayed delivery times are the product of an uptick in mail and package volume as the holidays approach, said U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Stacy Hopwood. And they aren’t expected to be permanent.

“With the uptick in package and mail volumes moving closer to the holidays our carriers had a higher workload,” Hopwood said of the delayed deliveries this month. “With continued heavier workload and shorter days, customers might experience carriers in their neighborhoods after sunset.”

While Hopwood didn’t give a prediction as to when the delivery schedule may return something closer to normal, she said letter carriers would be doing everything they could to ensure each home and business gets service each day.

“We will likely be making earlier than usual and sometimes later than usual deliveries to ensure we are providing customers with service,” Hopwood said.