Man fleeing Overland Park SWAT team arrested after head-on crash on Nall

Police prepared the man for transport from the scene in an ambulance after he crashed his car fleeing police.

A man fleeing an Overland Park SWAT team crashed into a vehicle on Nall Ave. Tuesday morning, sustaining minor injuries in the wreck.

The driver of the other vehicle was not seriously injured in the incident.

Police were called to the home at 86th Terrace and Woodson before 7 a.m. on a report by the home’s owner, who said her 39-year-old son was damaging the property and that he had access to firearms inside. Police blocked off Woodson from 86th to 87th Streets and called in the Overland Park SWAT team, which arrived on the scene with its armored Lenco Bearcat vehicle. Approximately 20 Overland Park police vehicles were in the area, and a number of officers were stationed throughout the neighborhood with guns drawn.

The SWAT team moved its vehicle into the driveway of the home around 7:30 a.m., and team members got into a defensive position as they approached the front door on Woodson to deliver a phone in an attempt to communicate with the man.

The SWAT team approached the front door of the residence.

“Matt, this is the Overland Park Police, pick up the phone,” said an officer over a loudspeaker audible throughout the neighborhood for several minutes.

The standoff lasted until shortly before 9 a.m., when the man pulled out of the home’s garage, which faces 86th Terrace, in a Jeep Grand Cherokee to flee the scene. He pulled onto Nall Avenue and attempted to head north but crashed into a southbound vehicle shortly after making the turn.

Police quickly detained him, and prepared him for transport via ambulance for treatment of minor injuries. The woman driving the SUV that he struck was not seriously injured, according to police at the scene.

Officers posted up in a yard on 86th Terrace overlooking the house.
The SWAT team vehicle moved toward the home.
The Jeep after the crash.