Mercy & Truth Medical Missions moves Shawnee offices, combines with private practice

Mercy & Truth Medical Missions
Mercy & Truth Medical Missions combined its medical practice by nurse practitioner Suzanne Robinson, third from left, with a private practice by Nicholas Michalski, center.

Mercy & Truth Medical Missions has relocated offices in Shawnee, combining the medical practice of nurse practitioner Suzanne Robinson with Dr. Nicholas Michalski’s private practice.

Medical staff moved the clinic in September from its former space at 5817 Nieman Road to new offices at 11644 W. 75th St. Suite #103.

“We operate a pretty busy medical office for the noninsured,” said Krys Miller, who has worked as a receptionist for the clinic for several years. Miller said the clinic’s operations outgrew the space so much that clients had to park at city hall and cross the street. “We have a lot more room now; we have parking, which is wonderful.”

Besides ample parking, the new space on West 75th Street has a larger reception area and waiting space and more room to treat patients as well. It was formerly the space for Michalski’s private practice for several years. Michalski, who is close to retirement, now operates his clinic through Mercy & Truth. He still sees insured clients.

“We were really outgrowing it with all of the many people we were seeing,” Miller said. “It was really time. We were very glad to get the chance to work things out to be able to move to another facility here.”

Mercy & Truth’s original space on Nieman Road also has aging infrastructure; the reception area occupied a space that was built in the 1890s, Miller added.

“We kept it up, but it needed a lot of good help (and) repairs at the time,” Miller added. “Everything kind of came together for us to move down here.”