Shawnee approves Matlack Meadows, a small new subdivision near K-7 Highway

Shawnee approved reozning for a new subdivision near K-7 Highway.

A new subdivision is in the offing near K-7 Highway in western Shawnee.

Terry Matlack is developing Matlack Meadows, a three-lot single-family residential subdivision located in the 22000 block of West 71st Terrace, on the southeast corner of Brockway Street.

The Shawnee council unanimously approved in a 7-0 vote at its Oct. 22 meeting the planning commission’s recommendation to rezone 2.9 acres of the property from agricultural to residential suburban. There was no discussion or public comment.

City staff indicated in its report that the rezoned area will be combined into a final plat for the three single-family lots on 13.5 acres. Additionally, Lot 2 “potentially” contains an unmarked burial site, spanning 6 feet by 5 feet, which the property owner must note in the recording of the plat, under the Kansas Unmarked Burial Sites Preservation Act, staff added in its report.

Matlack Meadows will have low residential density, at above 0.2 homes per acre, according to the city report.