Johnson County Election Office still needs 300 more poll workers for Election Day

This is the first fall election that Johnson County will be using its new voting machines.

The Johnson County Election Office has renewed its call for more poll workers in efforts to prepare for what could be a massive turnout on Election Day next month.

In a message posted on the county’s social media platforms Tuesday, Election Commission Ronnie Metsker said his office is hoping to bring on another 200 to 300 workers for Nov. 6:

Those additional workers could be crucial to ensuring smooth voting in two weeks as the county prepares for huge turnout. National polls show high voter interest ahead of the midterms. And voter registration numbers here in Johnson County have reached an all time high of about 415,000, the Election Office reported earlier this month.

This will also be the first major election that the county will roll out all 2,100 of its new ES&S ExpressVote machines, a paper-trail producing system that requires additional steps for voters to complete their ballots than the previous electronic-only machines. The Election Office is expecting that it may take some voters longer than usual to go through the process this year as they get acquainted with the new equipment for the first time.

The Election Office was hoping to have 2,200 election workers in the field Nov. 6, up from the 1,200 they had trained and ready for the primary. The office was still looking for 400 new workers as of late September, meaning they’ve picked up around 100 the past month.

The county’s online application for would-be poll workers can be found here.