The tale of the dragon statue in Prairie Village

The dragon statue on 87th Street has been getting a lot of attention lately.

A certain statue of a dragon is gaining some notoriety in Prairie Village.

Dane Clark, who lives on 87th Street, said Home Depot in Overland Park had the dragon statue up for sale last month — every time he saw it for the next two weeks, he kept thinking he’d really like to buy it.

“There’s no real reason I bought it; it was just kind of a lark, a whim,” he said. “It’s definitely been getting a lot of attention, and one of my neighbors, when she first saw it, was going on and on and on about it.”

Clark said the dragon statue is just a decoration for Halloween. He installed it the first week of October and plans to take it down after Halloween.

“When I first saw it, I was kind of wondering what on earth that had to do with Halloween, but after looking at it for several weeks, I just realized that I liked it,” Clark said, adding that it’s made from rigid plastic. “It’s surprisingly well made, actually.”

While some have speculated if the dragon was a cultural decoration, Clark said it’s just for decoration and Halloween fun. However, he added, his husband is from Taiwan, where dragons are symbols of good luck.

“Dragons play a lot in their culture, but that’s not why we bought it,” Clark said. “I sent him pictures, and he was pretty amused with it.”

Next year, Clark plans to get fake chains to put around the dragon, giving the allusion that chains are holding it down. The chains would replace the straps he has used this month to secure the dragon in place.

“Everybody seems to think that that’s supposed to be to hold the dragon down to keep it from flying away,” he said.