Prairie Village council president issues endorsement statement for Mikkelson in race for mayor

Prairie Village city council president Dan Runion says he believes Mikkelson’s experience as an attorney would be an asset in the role of mayor.

Prairie Village City Council President Dan Runion has issued a statement laying out his rationale for endorsing former councilman Eric Mikkelson in the race for mayor.

Mikkelson, who represented Ward 3 on the council from 2014 until 2018, is facing current Ward 2 councilwoman Serena Schermoly.

In the statement, Runion says he believes Mikkelson’s combination of experience and temperament are a good fit for the role. The full statement follows:

I enthusiastically endorse Eric Mikkelson’s re-election to the governing body of Prairie Village, as Mayor, because:

  • of his professionalism demonstrated in honest disagreements between us on issues we faced while serving together on City Council,
  • he acts with respect, thoughtfulness, integrity and creativeness – attributes necessary to City Council discussions,
  • he is running a transparent campaign for Mayor focused on the issues,
  • of his long-time advocacy of well-trained and professionally-equipped police, support of our parks and City Staff,
  • he knows the difference when it comes to spending tax dollars between ‘wants’ and ‘needs,’
  • of his invaluable skills in negotiating as an attorney on behalf of others,
  • of his experience as a successful business owner and corresponding understanding of small and large businesses,
  • he raised his family in PV as a long-time resident with a consistent history of voting in local elections, community engagement, and support for PV schools, and
  • he uses his available resources to make things happen.

On Nov. 6th, Prairie Village residents must choose whether to elect an effective, experienced, qualified, engaged Mayor to lead and represent the City of Prairie Village as a professional. I will be voting for Eric because I know he will be that and more. I urge you to do the same.

Eric Mikkelson served on the Prairie Village council from 2014 to early this year.

Mikkelson said he was honored by Runion’s support.

“We worked side-by-side with others creating two new Prairie Village parks and raising police compensation while keeping tax rates low and the City fiscally strong,” Mikkelson said. “Our campaign has broad bipartisan support that underscores the kind of Mayor I’ll be: responsive to all the people of Prairie Village on issues like teardowns, property taxes and bikeability and walkability.”

Following the August primary, mayoral candidate and Ward 3 councilman Andrew Wang, who narrowly lost the chance to advance to the general election ballot, said he was endorsing Schermoly in the race.

On her website, Schermoly lists current city councilmembers Wang, Sheila Myers, Brooke Moorhead and Ted Odell among her endorsers.

In addition to Runion, Mikkelson lists current councilmembers Tucker Poling and Jori Nelson among his endorsers.