Police investigating vandalism of political yard signs in Overland Park

The vandal spray painted offensive messages on both sides of an arrangement of four political yard signs.

Police are investigating after an Overland Park woman awoke Friday to find that political signs on her property had been defaced.

The vandal or vandals spray-painted the word “Libtaard” (sic) and a phallus across one side of the arrangement of four yard signs. The other side was marked with the words “F*** You” and another phallus.

The homeowner said she was especially dismayed by the incident because her home north of 119th and College Boulevard is near a bus stop.

“Kids saw this going to school today,” the woman said. “This is what we are exposing them to. This is not just marring a sign or tearing it up. The message here is vile.”

The signs in the woman’s yard promoted Democratic candidates Sharice Davids, Laura Kelly and Cindy Holscher as well as County Commission candidate Janeé Hanzlick.

Johnson County Democratic Party chair Nancy Leiker said it appeared to be an isolated incident.

“I heard about this one earlier today but haven’t heard of many others,” she said. “Some folks have asked me how to prevent theft of signs, but only a few. No more than any other year. In fact [during the 2016 cycle] there were many more Hillary signs gone missing than I’ve heard about this year.”

New Johnson County Republican Party chair Dave Myers denounced the vandalism.

“We are especially concerned when this happens on private property,” he said. “We don’t condone these actions and are very disappointed to see vandalism of any kind.”