Former downtown Overland Park car wash coming down to make way for 20 new parking spaces

Overland Park purchased the car wash property for $600,000.

Demolition crews today are at work taking down the former car wash in downtown Overland Park to make way for more parking.

The city purchased the former Dyna-Jet Car Wash for $600,000 earlier this year as it sought to address continued parking issues in the area. Once demolition is completed, crews will resurface the site, which sits due north of the Farmers Market structure, and create a parking lot with 20 new spaces.

The city posted video of the demolition in progress earlier today:

Overland Park added 44 new parking spaces to downtown as part of a roads project along 79th Street this summer.

The city council has been eager to add more parking to the area as construction projects downtown have blocked access to some parking areas and traffic to the neighborhood has increased.

The city estimates that crews will have brought the car wash structure down by the end of the day. Site clean up will commence in the days to come.