Updates from Johnson County Community College: Winter *Session* is coming

Many students go the extra mile when it comes to college, dedicating time to their studies beyond fall and spring semesters. That’s why Johnson County Community College offers Winter Session. This accelerated four-week session gives students the opportunity to get ahead, and stay ahead, as they pursue their educational goals.

One class. Four weeks. All online.

That’s right – in just one month, students can earn up to four credit hours. And this year, JCCC is excited to offer more Winter Session classes than ever before. The benefits speak for themselves. Students can:

  • Learn from the comfort (and warmth!) of home. It’s no secret that the holiday season is a busy time of year, so the ability to work from a convenient location cannot be underestimated. Online learners enjoy increased flexibility while working within a structured framework. Assignments, instructions and deadlines are clearly communicated to help keep students on track.
  • Experience more for their money. Affordable tuition is the name of the game. Whether students graduate and head into workforce or transfer to a four-year college, JCCC strives to put education within reach while keeping financial security top of mind.
  • Work ahead toward a degree or certificate. Students enroll in Winter Session for many reasons, but the opportunity to expedite their education reigns supreme. Echo Tyler said, “I had my eye on the goal. If I could finish three credits in only four weeks, I was that much closer to finishing my degree.”

Enroll today!

Winter session begins Dec. 12. To search JCCC’s course offerings:

  • Visit jccc.edu.
  • Select the Credit Class Search under the Classes link.
  • Select the Credit Fall 2018 semester.
  • Click on the Winter Session (Fall only) box just above the search box.

Questions? Reach out to our Admissions team at JCCCAdmissions@jccc.edu or 913-469-3803.